In The West

by Izabella

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released January 15, 2008



all rights reserved


Izabella Sacramento

Izabella is a dance-inspired rock and soul band hailing from the Bay Area. This six-piece family of musical explorers is avowed for producing danceable, dynamic grooves. Izabella's live performances exude joy and inspiration for all in attendance. Their unique blend of fist-pumping guitar, funked-out keys, poly-rhythmic beats, and impassioned vocals is unparalleled in the genre. ... more


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Track Name: In The West (Bus For 3 Days)
knock knock out the restroom
he cut off a little old lady
public bedroom is the subway
wait for public patience?
get a clue screw you
happy new year
see the ball drop
a million people gathered
zillion words talked
at the cross stop
she had the walk
i can't believe he had the gall
to cut her off
they fenced off the bench
you gotta work to earn to pay to live
in the apartments next to it
your dog's gotta pee
leash and lock and walk
down the stairs a block
to the nearest tree
if you're lucky
your friend slit her wrist
so much for the cancelled play
you made plans for
you gotta split
which train is it?
i mean subway
to be clear
i'm sorry little hazy
ran out of wit

in the west
we're just a little bit behind
to make up our mind
we take up our time
a little less defined

she's ok
thank god what a day
i gotta watch the apartment
she's watching for my boss
while she's away
my houseguests from the west
gotta come with me
they got nowhere else to sleep
maybe they can walk the dog
down the stairs a block
to the tree to pee
to free her for a minute
then use the key
I gave them to unlock the fence
to spot the bench
to sit down for a new york minute
for them it'd be free
but they would never do that
because it's freezing
use the starbucks
to take a pee and split
use the local coffee shop
to pee and sit
have a think buy a drink
damn good hot tea
thank you please

bum gave him two
and he asked for five
bum cd player
but he's scraping' by
he got the keys to something
but he can't survive?
man i don't buy
i don't buy
i'm gonna use what I have
of these broken eyes
to go blind and just be
to realize something's on my side
take away my pride
i don't usually pray
but in it i confide
surrounded by these people
and surrounded by their mazes
surrounded by these rundown cliché
ghost-town farmer places
i've lost my edge
i've lost my pep
i've lost my step and braces
i've lost my map
lost my way back
I'm lost in my own mazes

bus for three days?
man you crazy!
just trying to have fun
and prove that we're tough
despite the ear crust
and the tongue fuzz
leave my face on
and cut my nose off
next to me this dude just blew up
scratch my dandruff
try to hide it
eyes wide open
he saw the whole thing
don't mean to be mean
i'm throwin' him up!
i'm throwin' him up!
don't mean to be mean
he saw the whole thing
eyes wide open
try to hide it
scratch my dandruff
this dude just blew up next to me
and cut my nose off
and leave my face on
and the tongue fuzz
despite the ear crust
to prove that we're tough
just trying to have fun
man you crazy
bus for three days!

a little more refined
Track Name: Heads Up
I saw it shimmer upon your eyes
It takes a while to realize
Those waves of warmth flowing into me
They've got be
Like a light on the horizon out at sea
I hope we're ready for this ecstasy

I don't say much when I feel this way
I wish my eyes would communicate
The journeys I’d like to take with you
And break all the rules
We'll burn some flags and fall off our bar stools
I never thought I’d act like such a fool

We've got our heads up in the clouds
I never heard the rains so loud
We've got this window of opportunity
Don't think of how it used to be
And live for what tomorrow brings

I feel a storm coming in again
We need the rains every now and then
So let’s stay warm by the fire tonight
We'll be just fine
We'll blow out all the cobwebs in our minds
And laugh at all the bullshit that we find
Track Name: Inside
Do you ever feel lucky to be alive?
See only you can provide that vibe
Don’t be a victim of your circumstance
When you let life provide a second chance

I tried and I tried and I tried to find that high
And all along it was right there inside

Do you ever feel you could weather any storm?
See only you can be reborn
I’m not a victim of my circumstance
I feel this way cuz I get up and dance

Humble yourself and face your struggles with a smile
Love’s not far away
Never walk away
Track Name: If We Could Do Anything
If you could do anything that you want
Would you float like a feather or drop like a stone?
Would flowers bloom behind your every step?
Could you be happy if you were alone?

When I was a child I dreamt I could swim through the air
For just a moment I could feel the space below
I still close my eyes with all my might
And try to return to those places I know

If I had the power
I would make us all believe
In your darkest hour
You can find relief
There may always be a higher path to travel
But when things tend to unravel
There are places you can reach
For if you plant a seed of live upon this earth
You will find out what it's worth
When it comes to be
When it comes to be

If I could do anything that I feel
I would open up all of our hearts
Let sweet love pour in
And we would all shine like the sun
Flow like the rivers through valleys so low
And we would all grow together as one
Track Name: Raindrop
Raindrop fall down on my head
I can feel it but it's hard to tell if I'm alive or dead
But I don't care
I can see the drop fall in your palm
Picture you picture me
I swear I'm not the only one
Girl I know you're scared
Just like me
I’m lonely
It's my own fault
For I won't give myself up
For a single part of me
Part of me wants to throw it all away
And walk with you right through the times
Until we die…
But in the end I’d tear out all my hair
And make a rope for you to tie into a noose
To hang me while my mind would flash in and out of déjà vu
Scenes with you
Swingin from the highest tree
Girl you know you'd sicken me
But in the end it's always me
Visions of blood bled from my pen
Seeping into images of your tongue
Soaking up his skin
It’s happening again
Billions of raindrops
Flooding on the ground outside
Shining in between
Me and everything
I know you far too well for your own good
I swear you don't think I do
But it's true
Don’t worry
I won't use it against you
I know you far too well for my own good
I see the way you look at me
And I dare not stare back
For fear that you might look straight past
My eyes into my mind
Figuring eventually breaking down
This secret sacred wall
You know me far too well for my own good
I swear you don't think you do
But it's true
Don’t hesitate to challenge me
It ain't nothin' but a game to me
So pick a piece to play me
I am king
Won’t you be my queen for now?
Track Name: Float
A heart is like an ocean
Seems so calm without motion
Beneath the surface is a world we know little about
Some set sail for a million miles
Some rely on another’s smile
And still others will evaporate into the sky

When those waters get to rough
The eye of the storm is never enough
You just drift on in to unknown waters
Start the engines and push it harder
There’s a calm after the storm
The skies will be clear and the currents are warm
We’ll find a way to fly
Even without wings
And open up ourselves to the mystery of all things
As long as we remember we can float
We’ll be just fine

At times it seems I am lost at sea
Other times you’re a part of me
Either way our dreams are our own at night
Some get lost behind the years
Some get caught inside their fears
And still others will challenge the waters that rise
Track Name: Song Called Jah
Ya da da
Wake up in the morning in the sun and the grass called Jah
Tis I walking through this world called Jah
Wake up wake up to the love called Jah
Sing a pretty little song that’s been floating ‘round the mind called Jah
Happy living here ‘cause I never have to wear no shoes
In this land that’s made for me called Jah
Now that we know there’s nowhere to go but Jah
Make love spread love to the one called Jah
Happy living here
Living in my Jah
Thank you for my here
All of us my Jah
I nurture every thought like a plant in the mind called Jah
I do a little seeding and a little weeding for ya
It’s everything that’s thinking the thoughts of Jah
Oh lord, lead me into the light that’s ya
As we sing this song
We sing love to ya
We all sing this song
This song we call Jah
Happy living here
Living in my Jah
Thank you for my here
All of us my Jah
Happy living here ‘cause I never have to wear no shoes
Track Name: Ganjaman
Good herb for my meditation
Cool my nerves bring me that inspiration
Preserve the father’s creation
More herbs need to be smoking
Baby you can call me the ganjaman
Cuz I’m holding the world in the palm of my hand
And all across the globe they know
See me plant the seed
And watch it grow
Good herb for my meditation
Cool my nerves bring me that salvation
Preserve the mother’s creation
No words need to be spoken
Track Name: Blues For The West
Why do we keep ourselves from crying?
When it's the tears that can put out the fires
The hunger of spirit and hope
Are the wings that can take us higher
What is the point in salvation?
If all you can save is yourself
Reaching for preservation
And the promise of riches and wealth
Everyday spirit is dying
Making life so hard to live
Pull all your insides out
You’ll receive as much as you give
Everyday spirit is born
In a child's eyes there is light
Burning so bright like the sun
It brings shelter to the cold cold night
What is this gift of elation?
Can it spread like a seed in the wind?
Feeding the hearts of all nations
Bringing peace to our people again
Why do we keep ourselves from crying?
When it's the tears that can put out the fires
The hunger of spirit and hope
Are the wings that can take us higher
Track Name: Waterbed
Rolling around in the waterbed
I gently remember those things you said
And those things you didn't say
You wished those things all away
The wind from you vibrates such telling skin
Your body so easy to read
I forget that it's not for simpler men
Who make things too complicated
I know just how you tickle
The spots that feel rough and dry
Are the same times that make you cry
When I bring it up
Every time when I bring it up
We notice our binding handcuffs
One on you one on me
We cannot be free as we

Quiet my love it's time to go
Shut up I know you know
Quiet my love

Three days it takes for us to see
Day one as calm as day three
Day two not so friendly
Pity me never too pretty
'Twas the longest day of my year
A day that was longer than the year
I prayed that I’d stay clear
At least for that day
I called you but you were gone
You answered my prayer last night
You wished on a northern star and I’m way down here

I see the same star and I’m way down here
Several miles south with one lower tear
I ran dry so many years ago
Afraid to open up my gates again
Flooding the ground with my dripping chin
Thoughts of our first night feel like a sin
If I go on I know we'll meet again

Rolling around
I just can't wait to be home again
Round and round
Rolling around in the waterbed
I can't help but forget those things you said
But I cannot forget those things you didn't say
Track Name: Highwire
Your beauty is absurd
I watch you cling to every word
I got vines from my mouth
Swinging right past what you heard
I take a tumble to the ground
But you’re nowhere to be found
Trying hard to explain
This feeling that spins me around

I know I don’t always
Do the things that I should
I’m telling you baby
I would if I could
Between the dark and the light
Before the day sees the night
When the setting sun must fall
I see the balance in it all
I walk the highwire
Won’t you catch me if I fall

I need a place to rest my head
Is there room inside your bed?
I promise that I won’t touch
Too little too much
While you rest
Well you wake up nice and slow
I’m already set to go
Got my keys in my hand
Baby I’m hitting the road