Drugs & Apple Pie

by Izabella

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released April 7, 2009



all rights reserved


Izabella Sacramento

Izabella is a dance-inspired rock and soul band hailing from the Bay Area. This six-piece family of musical explorers is avowed for producing danceable, dynamic grooves. Izabella's live performances exude joy and inspiration for all in attendance. Their unique blend of fist-pumping guitar, funked-out keys, poly-rhythmic beats, and impassioned vocals is unparalleled in the genre. ... more


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Track Name: Bittersweets
Woke up in the strangest place
With strangers in your face
With memories of a conversation
That was taking place
All of those minds
With all their math to stay behind
The lanterns of the sages
Flicker on the mountain side

What makes you think
There’s time to waste
No more left for the chase
We just keep moving
Steady on down the line
There’s no more gold in the hills
Just the housewives and the bills
I guess there’s something there
We can’t understand

I woke up in a cold sweat
In the middle of July
Spirits seemed to linger round
The corners of my eyes
All this fascination
With the man in the disguise
Has become as American
As drugs and apple pie

What makes you think
There’s time to wait
No more left for the chase
We just keep moving
Steady on down the line
There’s no more blood beneath the sand
Instead we wipe it from our hands
There’s gotta be somethings left
That we can’t understand

There you go
Across the ocean
So far away
Like a bird with the seasons
I should know
This is goodbye
Rain and snow
And bittersweet tears
That you cry
Track Name: Ain't Going Back (War Song)
I ain’t goin’ back to Iraq
I made up my mind
I’m on the right track
I’m staying right here
In the country I love
I’m tired of laying
Face down in the mud

I ain’t goin’ back to Iraq
So tell Uncle Sam
I ripped up his contract
They’re lining their pockets
We line up in graves
I’d rather stay home
And make minimum wage

I ain’t goin’ back to Bagdad
Dreams of glory
Is all that we had
I used to be angry
I’d shoot to kill
But dreams became nightmares
And gave me the chills

I ain’t goin’ back to Fallujah
I left that place
And cried hallelujah
We raided the palace
In search of the loot
And all that I got
Was some sand in my boots

I ain’t goin’ back to Iraq
I’m falling to pieces
There’s no turning back
I can’t force another
To see things my way
So in California
Is where I shall stay
Track Name: Golden Child
I waited for you to come around
Cause I am not the same
As I was before
You’ve got some friends you hang around
But they don’t see you like I do
Glass slippers too

Just keep inside of the sun
Your shadow can’t out run the day
It tries anyway
And ends up knocking at your door
Just waiting for more to come
From the evening sun

I’ll always see you
As the Golden Child
And in my dreams
Your spirit’s always running wild
You’ve got those perfect eyes
And that almost perfect smile
I wish you’d stay here for awhile

I know that time is just a number on a line
But it still passes by
Every day and night
I’d rather you be here in my arms
So I can charm those blues away
And we could melt each other down tonight
I got something you might need
And you are everything I want to be
So just take a look inside yourself
You’ll see me resting on a shelf
Where you hide me from the light inside of you
Track Name: Beauty In The Journey
When I was a child
I received love
An only child
With open room to grow
Beauty in the journey
Given freely
When my mystery
Began to surface
Painful at first
Some say everything that grows
Is a mystery
So many different mushrooms in nature
Beauty in the journey
Learning to discover

Well at first the children are loved
The soil is fertile
Put spores on the mushrooms to grow
At one point did fly away
Begin to feel the struggle
The fight against self begins
Outside an impression to win
Beauty in the journey

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
To watch you unfold
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
To watch you on a roll

Proceed without worry or hope
Sensation can carve the path
Mystery inside us still
A miracle when we keep our will
Beauty in the journey
Synchronicity witnessed

I’ve seen so much
I just want a dog
So much left to live
Vitality grips
The fight against sensation begins
Beauty in the journey
Beauty in the journey

I hope to see family
Before and after me
Beauty in the journey
I hope to see family
Beauty in the journey
Before and after me
Beauty in the journey
Live to become an ancestor
Beauty in the journey
Through me
Track Name: Everything's Wonderful Now
I came unglued
I’d been chasing tigers
With the blues
Inside the city zoo
I figured it was something
They could do

It was exciting and new
I freed the zebra
And the kangaroo
There were orangutan too
They tried to warn me
But I was way too high
I stared at the sun
I started to cry
The tears and the light
They blinded both my eyes
I’ve been here before
I’ll be here again
When all becomes one
And then divides once again

And ain’t it just like the fool
Who keeps his head down
And walks alone
He’s got nothing better to do
But whistle a tune
And kick some stones

Everything’s wonderful now
I was on edge
But now it is clear
Things are getting faster
Year by year