Dream While You Sleep

by Izabella

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released January 16, 2007



all rights reserved


Izabella Sacramento

Izabella is a dance-inspired rock and soul band hailing from the Bay Area. This six-piece family of musical explorers is avowed for producing danceable, dynamic grooves. Izabella's live performances exude joy and inspiration for all in attendance. Their unique blend of fist-pumping guitar, funked-out keys, poly-rhythmic beats, and impassioned vocals is unparalleled in the genre. ... more


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Track Name: New Highway
there's a road
just ahead
i think we should take it
for a drive
might get wild
throw another tape in
if we drive for a while we just might catch the sun
falling down on the water
you are golden and i
would like to see the way
you light up the night
i've been waiting for the rains to come
so i can wash away all this dust
sunlight is bringing on a new day
just rolling down the highway
there are roads
ahead and behind
fast forward or rewind
to a point
where memory fades
ain't it funny how some things just fade away?
Track Name: I Can Stand
a smile just like a sun ray
like a shadow it fades away
what can i do?
to make you feel at home
when it's a place i've never known
this may be more than i can stand
spending too much time with my head in my hands
all i want to do
spend some time with you
open doors into
finding something new
all the simple things
all the joys they bring
with open hearts we sing
for finding something new
i see that you're pushing on
where shadows never rise
can i share a piece of your journey?
in the sparkle of your eyes
Track Name: Swimming In Your Rain
I remember we were running along the edge, it was cold outside
I remember it like a fairytale
You put on your red dress and I’ll wear the same clothes
I wore the day before
Don’t need much more to survive
We were rich with no money, had fame with no money
and we lived with the funny idea
that one day we’d no longer have to live this way
Back then running was better than, to stay

I’m swimming in your rain, I swimming in your pain
I’m swimming in your rain

I had dinner with an old friend;
it’d been long enough for us to look in the eye
It felt the same but without the game
this time we’d find the other to be wise
We preached and we prophesized and we justified
and we wondered why people lie…
‘Tis that same somethin’ my friend that brought us there that night
“Twas alright. But we felt like we shouldn’t have been
I’m surprised you didn’t need an alibi
Surprise, surprise

Pain, roll along my elbow… Off of me.
Paindrops dripping from my dreams
I can’t stand to see the next scene
Rolling, Aye yae yae
We’re rolling; I can’t wait to act the next scene
Rolling, aye yae yae yae yae yae yae yae yae

I remember the pain I caused, but I forget the rules
to the game we made up as we went along.
I remember the jewelry you made; you finally found your trade
yeah, I remember your big change
I remember the fights your family had
The pain of and from the words paralyzed me in the other room
I remember your hand in mine,
jumping from happy time to happy time
Gaps were chasms below and close behind but…
I remember your hand in mine
Track Name: I'm Not The Only One
i've got some time later on the week
i'd like to see you for a while
your the first thing that i think of
when i need a simple way to smile
i feel your rhythm from your head down to your toes
your kind is hard to find
i'm not the only one who knows
i wish we had more time in the day
so we could waste it all away
just another hour or two of light
and maybe three or four to help us through the night
Track Name: Going Under
i was in a dark parade
with balloons and cars in shades of grey
we drove to the south side of town
where the going was getting down
it was black but for the moon
the band marched on without a tune
we had found the end of the road
where all the rivers seemed to flow
you were there
soft and calm like air
upon the breeze
i was in the sand
reaching out to touch your golden glare
when i closed my hands
i felt nothing
you were everywhere
the one thing that i found
you had it covered
you turn the tides and i go under
Track Name: Life Inside The Blue
i found myself adrift beneath the waters frothy edge
and dancing on the surface were the sparks of lives i've led
somehow there was no fear the water filled my lungs with ease
i opened up my eyes to my surprise i still could breathe
the pressure did not feel
unpleasant or unreal
so slowly did i sink
i never stopped to think
what had i become
somehow i had become one
with this life inside the blue
until the shock would lift there'd be no way to understand
just gazing at the webbing on the fingers of my hand
i questioned all i heard it seems the sound was crisp for miles
i found that i could swim like it was going out of style
the currents all collide
i watch it from inside
how quickly did i change
no time for feeling strange
what have i become
somehow i have become one
with this life inside the blue
Track Name: Down To Mexico
hey baby why don't we
go down to mexico
we'll save a couple grand
and go make love in the sand
we'll drink tequila in the afternoon
and take siestas until the moon
rises up upon the view
it's so easy to be loving you
Track Name: Sierra Starlight
the distant lights that fall
a million years of dancing for us all
they travel fast
tell us of the places they have passed
to never be home again
it burns into the soul
and challenges our instincts to control
as we give in
erasing all the places we have been
were on our own
this quiet is just what i need
a chance for my thoughts to recede
the filters are gone
the days linger on
the mountain whispers low
and tells me of things i should know
i open wide
adapting to these places deep inside
remember to breathe this time
Track Name: Life Of The Party
where did all the silver lining vanish to?
some devils wait at the crossroads
others just hide in you
well i know i'm not the first to say
that i hope our youth never fades away
is it wearing thin?
all the childlike fascination that inspires imagination
may come again
i'll always find the wonder in the sun
reflections on the water
that swirl like the lights inside your soul
a soul is so golden to be seen
like the edges of a dream
almost like vapor
it floats up into the atmosphere
with no business being here tied to the ground
we can make it in time
drifting too deep in a dream
it's like life never started
fill your cup up with wine
dream when you sleep
just for now your the life of the party
so when you send out that special wish
choose the brightest star
all that california dreaming
only goes so far
when i feel those raindrops from the sky
it's like mother moon when she starts to cry
and it's pouring down
and she's dancing on my ceiling
it's that special kind of feeling
and it's all around